Top 10 Book Lists -- Marketing the Moon

We have been honored to be named this week to two very influential Top 10 book lists, across two categories:  Science and Tech, and Marketing and Communications.


Jason Falls listed Marketing the Moon on his Top 10 list of books to inspire and inform marketers and communicators. And we loved his enthusiasm for the book: "These two guys wrote an entire book about one case study? Hell, yes they did. And it is fantastic. Almost a coffee table book with beautiful pictures, historic advertisements and more, Marketing The Moon is a granular look at how NASA and the U.S. Government’s most majestic feat was also the most successful marketing and public relations campaign of all time, to date. From Disney’s sci-fi propaganda to the thickness of the Cold War to capturing the imaginations of an entire country, David and Richard do an incredible job of breaking it down and giving you inspiration to build your own awesomeness. Let’s put it this way: It’s a marketing and PR book and my two children love looking at the pictures. It might be the first book of our industry to cross into mainstream consciousness." Glad to see the kids lovin' it, too!

We were equally as thrilled to see that The Guardian newspaper in the UK named Marketing the Moon to its list of the Top 10 science and technology books for April -- just in time for the London Book Fair!



Posted on April 8, 2014 .