REVIEW - Air & Space Magazine

Author and science/technology professor Matthew H. Hersch reviewed the book in the May 2015 issue of the Smithsonian's Air & Space magazine, writing that "'Apollo is the largest, and we believe the most important, marketing and public relations case study in history,' claim the authors, and they make their case with a compelling mix of oral history, archival documents, and pop-culture flotsam. The campaign to sell the moon landing program was as engineered as any other aspect of Apollo: brilliantly, with the same mixture of patriotism, greed, and messianic fervor. Within a decade, these efforts built enthusiasm for space travel by selling it to reporters hungering for a brighter future. Over-sized and richly illustrated with ephemera, television screen grabs, and period photographs, Marketing the Moon is half coffee-table book, half marketing history, and all fun."

Posted on March 28, 2015 .